At the Lincoln
The Backstage at the Lincoln concert series offers you the extraordinary opportunity to be seated on stage for a performance with your favorite local artist. Set against the hand-painted grandeur of the Lincoln’s Egyptian Revival-style motif, enjoy an exceptionally intimate concert from a perspective normally seen only by the artists themselves.
The Ogún Meji Duo with Mark Lomax, II & Eddie Bayard
January 31, 2019 | 7 pm

Ogún, the powerful god of iron in the Yoruban tradition, is the orisha who fiercely protects his people from injustice with creativity and technology. The duality of his nature is represented in the word Meji, or twin. Lomax and Bayard didn’t choose this name lightly, but came to it through the process of understanding both the creative beauty and destructive power of the arts. The name ‘Ogún Meji’ is a reminder of the musicians’ responsibility to uplift humanity with their music.

After performing together in larger ensemble contexts, drummer Mark Lomax, II and tenor saxophonist Edwin Bayard sought to expand their artistic voices by decreasing the ensemble size. Their first studio recording #BLACKLIVESMATTER (CFG Multimedia, 2014) has proven to be a powerful confluence of aesthetics (sampling, free improvisation, and social justice themes) Their sophomore release, ‘The Art of Sound,’ (CFG Multimedia, 2016) was described by JazzColumbus as a recording without “a bad track to be found.” Currently working on ‘Sound Theory’ (CFG Multimedia 2017), Bayard and Lomax have the unique ability to connect with the soul of their audiences,
even in the most complex passages, through their mastery of several musical languages from the Blues to Hip-Hop.

The Backstage at the Lincoln series is made possible through the generous support of many like the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Franklin County.

Additionally, the Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.