A seat campaign: Join us in making a lasting mark on history!


The Lincoln Theatre has been a cultural cornerstone for our community, a place where stories come to life, and memories are made. As the Lincoln Theatre Association, we are excited to announce the launch of our Seat Campaign, an opportunity for individuals, families, and businesses to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of this iconic venue. By participating in the Seat Campaign, you can have a seat in the Lincoln Theatre named in your honor, commemorate a loved one, or promote your business while supporting the arts and our local community.


– Recognition: Your dedication will be recognized with a plaque on the sponsored seat, preserving your name or message for years to come.
– Legacy: Become a part of the Lincoln Theatre’s history by leaving a meaningful mark on this beloved institution.
– Community Impact: Support the growth of arts and culture in our community, fostering creativity and unity.
– Visibility: If you’re a business, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand while demonstrating your commitment to the arts.
– Celebrate: Opportunities to participate in seat member-only events.

How to Participate:

1. Select Your Seat: Choose a seat in the Lincoln Theatre that holds a special place in your heart. Whether it’s where you attended your first concert, or simply enjoyed the magic of live performances, this is your chance to make that seat a part of your legacy. Seats on the main floor are priced at $500 and seats in the loge are priced at $750. Please follow the link below or contact us to select the seat you’d like to sponsor. We’ll provide you with a detailed list of available seats.

2. Personalize Your Plaque: Each sponsored seat will feature a personalized plaque with your chosen name or dedication. You can honor a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or showcase your business name to the thousands who visit the theatre annually.

3. Make Your Contribution: Contribute the designated amount for your chosen seat via our secure online payment portal or through our office. If you need to make multiple payments, please contact us directly by calling or emailing.

4. Unveiling Celebration: Join us for an exclusive unveiling event to see your seat and plaque, connect with fellow sponsors, and celebrate the impact of your contribution. More information to come in 2024.

Invest in the Arts, Build a Legacy:

By participating in the Lincoln Theatre Association’s Seat Campaign, you are investing in the arts, enriching our community, and leaving a lasting legacy. Join us in ensuring that the Lincoln Theatre remains a vibrant hub of creativity, inspiration, and shared experiences for generations to come. To learn more about this campaign or to select your seat, contact Emily Kilroy at or 614-719-6610.

Let your story become a part of our history. Sponsor a seat at the Lincoln Theatre today.

DISCLAIMER: Your participation in this campaign does not ensure seating preferences for Lincoln performances. Upon your purchase, you will be contacted directly by a Lincoln staff member to confirm your contribution, select your seat, and personalize your plaque.


By participating in the Lincoln Theatre Association’s Seat Campaign, you are investing in the arts, enriching our community, and leaving a lasting legacy.