When you become a Friend of the Lincoln, you join the company of other Friends and artists that enjoy the diverse performances, programming, and special events the Lincoln Theatre has to offer.

You support the Lincoln’s education programs that incubate and celebrate local artists of all genres.

You enable the Lincoln to be a beacon of hope within the community through the arts.

The Lincoln Board of Trustees, staff, and leadership invite you to become a Friend of the Lincoln and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to join as well. Together, with donations beginning at $25, we can collectively share the joy of art and support the creative talent within our communities.

In these unprecedented times, we have been challenged to reimagine space, programming, marketing strategies, community outreach, and virtual engagement, but through it all, the Lincoln has remained resilient. We have continued to employ local artists. We have incubated more than 125 up-and-coming talents. We have created virtual programming and made it accessible to the community free-of-charge.

As we continue to adapt and grow, we invite you to fall in love with the Lincoln and its mission to transform the lives of diverse communities through the joy of multi-generational art. During this time of division, we need the arts more than ever to build bridges, heal wounds, and bring harmony in the way only art can do.

And to do that, we need you.

If you or your organization are interested in being a supporter of Friends of the Lincoln at $1,000 or above, please contact Diana Pagán, Director of Development, at dpagan@capa.com.



Columbus State Community College


Equitas Health

  • Chelsea Barnett
  • Elfi Di Bella
  • Suzan Bradford
  • Barbara and David Brandt
  • Robin and Peter Hersha
  • Donna & Michael Hughes
  • Tony Hutchins
  • Rob & Brenda Janes
  • Ami G. Kounta
  • Suzan Kounta
  • Barbara Lach
  • Ms. D. Mayo Johnson
  • Marlon Moore Consulting, LLC
  • Colleen McSweeney
  • Stephanie Meredith
  • Preshant Nateri
  • Angela Pace
  • Diana Pagán
  • Barbara Pratzner Baer
  • Nissa Salvan
  • NiaAdwoa G. Sheard
  • Marshall & Tyiesha Shorts
  • Pam and Ralph Smithers, Jr.
  • Spencer
  • Lisa Spencer-Novak
  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • Yohannan Terrell
  • True Healing Fellowships
  • Carol A. Wojcik